Dear Rumi

Sabahat Quadri


Good Old New York II

My friend and I watched The Bonfire of the Vanities at El Museo del Barrio on 104th Street. We were up on the balcony, and as the theater darkened, I saw a frail man in a white suit holding a cane with wolf’s head on it take his seat. Tom Wolfe was here for the […]

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Good Old New York

In the midst of a separation leading up to a divorce, I was sitting by myself in Central Park with a steaming plate of fragrant kebab from thehalalguys, and all I wanted to do was talk to my (ex-)husband. So I called him—yes, it’s that kind of a divorce. We still call each other and […]

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A month ago, we found a rat living in our pantry and had to clear the whole room out. We dropped rat poison and waited a few days before the creature came out to the kitchen and flopped down under one of the cabinets. My three cats, none of whom could be bothered to catch […]

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A colleague at Indireads wrote a charming romantic novel with an explicit sex scene. The story could have been written by Shakespeare himself, but for one reader, the thought of sex before marriage between an Indian couple was all that blazed out at him. He left a vitriolic little review for the author along the […]

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