Dear Rumi

Sabahat Quadri


Tweets on Butterfly Season

@NatashaA_Author Just completed reading #ButterflySeason In love with it. Read a beautiful & romantic novella after a long time. Much love! — Purba Chakraborty (@Manchali_Purba) December 17, 2014

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D. M. Cain

I learnt a lot from reading it – about Pakistani culture and expectations, about Karachi, and even about the nature of love. The characters that Natasha Ahmed creates are fully fleshed out individuals and I could associate with each and every one, which made reading the book a rich and fulfilling experience. This is a […]

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RT Writes

Originally posted on Aarti’s blog: Natasha Ahmed is a fan of Rumi, the seminal poet and philosopher, without whom the world would be a poorer place indeed. This is eminently clearnot from the name of her heroine, who is also called Rumi (LOVE that!) but from a poem called “Meeting Place” that the poet wrote, to describe […]

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My Little Book Blog

Originally posted on mylittlebookblog: Right, so today I am celebrating for doing so much better than I thought I had in an essay. I have been panicking about this essay for what feels like forever. So, after being pleasantly surprised, I have celebrated by taking the entire day off to read, and blog and review! I’ve […]

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