Dear Rumi

Sabahat Quadri


A Fine Silk Thread

Two days ago, a great friend and fellow designer, Uzma, passed away suddenly and without warning. I hadn’t spoken to her in a year (for all the usual, sad reasons—marriage, responsibilities, life), and I heard about the tragedy on Facebook when another friend posted a brief remembrance.

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Comfort Food

When I read The Vampire Lestat for the very first time, I was in college. A friend had lent it to me after I raved and raved about Interview with a Vampire. He suggested that my ecstasy at the first book would pale next to the divine sequel, something I had rarely come across. Sequels […]

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This is the End

For a long time, I wished I was immortal. Mostly because I was in love with the vampire Lestat and thought it would be incredibly cool to live through centuries of history and watch it unfold rather than just read about it. Or I wished I could travel back in time and live in a […]

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