Dear Rumi

Sabahat Quadri

Butterfly Season

Untold Stories

Creating Rumi for Butterfly Season was the easiest part of writing a book for me. I modeled her on a very dear, very old friend of mine (let’s call her Saira) whom I’ve known since college. Saira is an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Even though there were a number of good-looking women at my college, Saira […]

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Tweets on Butterfly Season

@NatashaA_Author Just completed reading #ButterflySeason In love with it. Read a beautiful & romantic novella after a long time. Much love! — Purba Chakraborty (@Manchali_Purba) December 17, 2014

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Comfort Food

When I read The Vampire Lestat for the very first time, I was in college. A friend had lent it to me after I raved and raved about Interview with a Vampire. He suggested that my ecstasy at the first book would pale next to the divine sequel, something I had rarely come across. Sequels […]

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D. M. Cain

I learnt a lot from reading it – about Pakistani culture and expectations, about Karachi, and even about the nature of love. The characters that Natasha Ahmed creates are fully fleshed out individuals and I could associate with each and every one, which made reading the book a rich and fulfilling experience. This is a […]

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RT Writes

Originally posted on Aarti’s blog: Natasha Ahmed is a fan of Rumi, the seminal poet and philosopher, without whom the world would be a poorer place indeed. This is eminently clearnot from the name of her heroine, who is also called Rumi (LOVE that!) but from a poem called “Meeting Place” that the poet wrote, to describe […]

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My Little Book Blog

Originally posted on mylittlebookblog: Right, so today I am celebrating for doing so much better than I thought I had in an essay. I have been panicking about this essay for what feels like forever. So, after being pleasantly surprised, I have celebrated by taking the entire day off to read, and blog and review! I’ve […]

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Little Aunt

I wrote my first book with the motto ‘write what you know’ pasted in giant letters on my forehead. When I created Ahad (my hero), I put together the best of my real life relationships with my childhood fantasies, and I flung in little bits of my husband (my favorite husband! It can’t be said […]

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Rumi, Chapter 10

And my actions have brought temptation into this house? Are you worried that sex is infectious?

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Travelling to the Land of Butterflies

A few years earlier, a scandal ran through Karachi’s middle classes when several cyber cafés released videos of couples necking (and a lot more) in the small private booths of their establishments. The couples were unaware that they were being filmed and some of the videos were incredibly explicit. To the sensibilities of ordinary Pakistanis, […]

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